No cancellation fees! More accessible! Here Comes 'Pay-As-You-Go' Plan!! SAFE + EASY + AFFORDABLE※T&C applies.

Until the end of january 2016

  • Half Full Body(8 Areas of Your Choice) *Speak to our friendly consultant on the areas available: 12 sessions Course

    Payment per Treatment: 74%OFF $151

  • Full Body 22 Areas: 12 sessions Course

    Payment per Treatment: 87%OFF $197

No extra charges. No hard selling. With easy payment plan “Pay-As-You-Go”,
you will get eternal beautiful skin.

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Merits of Choosing Ginza Calla

NO Large initial payment

Full body hair removal is so cheap in Ginza Calla! Full body treatment $197 per session!
Pay-As-You-Go. EVERY MONTH. NO advance payment. AFFORDABLE. NO cancelation fee. NO HASSLE.
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NO Long term commitment

1 year speed hair removal! It takes only half period of other salons! Other salons:Over 2years. Ginza Calla:Only 1year
ONLY 1YEAR to get rid of all of your unwanted hair. The result is same as going to other salons for 2 years. Meeting your needs of 'faster result'.
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How long does it take to do a session of full body treatment?

One session for full body hair removal takes only 45 minutes! Other salons’ treatments Approx:180mins. Ginza Calla treatment Approx:45mins.
Can be split into 2 sessions. Speedy treatment with better result. Easier to arrange your schedule.
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NO Pain

The latest “Premium Fast Pass Hair Removal” technology doesn’t hurt at all! An industry first! No pain, no discomfort during treatment.
No more pain like previous IPL/Laser technology. You only feel warm and more visible result.
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