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To those who want to remove unwanted hair!
We will answer all the questions you care.

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Have you ever forgot to shave your armpit which turns out you cannot wear swimwear or no sleeves? For women in Japan, shaving armpit is a manner. However, it is very troublesome to shave every time. Having hair removal in an outlet is a good choice for all girls who feels troublesome in self-treatment. Self-treatment of unwanted hair may also cause skin troubles. It is sometimes good to have hair removal in an outlet to take care of your sensitive skin.

Shall I shave armpit by myself? Or shall I have hair removal in a salon?

Perhaps you may say, I am shy to go to a salon for hair removal. For sure showing others your armpit is very embarrassing. However, you will get used to it after having treatments for several times and you will have more confidence when having the result seen. Outlets’ staff are professional. They are experienced and well-trained. And most of the people who are having hair removal in an outlet do not have clean armpit at the beginning. Same as the outlet staffs. Everyone is having hair removal to get a clean armpit. If you are worried, please speak to our friendly staff. Maybe you can hear from our staff about their own experience. By the way, more of the hair removal outlet will request you to shave yourself at home first before having treatment. As you will have your treatment under a shaved condition, you do not need to be shy or embarrassed.

Advantages and disadvantages of having IPL hair removal in a salon

Maybe you will think, comparing with self-treatment, having hair removal in a salon is a lot more expensive. Here, I would like to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of IPL hair removal to those who are hesitating. Let’s start with the disadvantages. You need to make an appointment to have the treatment and you need to continue having hair removal treatment for a regular of time. It maybe hard for those who is busy working or busy with kids.
Choosing an outlet which has easy access from home/office or to start up when you have spare time is the only solution. Besides, having hair removal cost a certain amount. As there are always campaigns for armpit hair removal, it is possible to use a reasonable price to have armpit hair removal. Next, let’s consider about the advantages. The advantages of hair removal in a salon is that you will get hairless and smooth armpits. By continuously having hair removal treatment in a salon, the existing hair will fall off by themselves and the regrowth of the hair will be slower. It is possible for you to have hairless and smooth armpits without self-treatment. It can also reduce the risk of skin troubles associated with self-treatment. For those who would like to have hairless and smooth armpits, having IPL hair removal in a salon would be a desirable choice.

Troubles of armpit hair removal

Both self-treatment or having IPL hair removal in a salon, there will be certain risks in having hair removal. Let’s learn about the risks before deciding where to have hair removal. Self-treatment may cause damages to the skin. Using razors or waxes may cause various skin troubles such as ingrown hair, blackheads, darkened armpits etc. There is also a risk that your skin will get ragged. Having IPL hair removal in a salon may led to increase in sweating, folliculitis, etc. In fact, the increase in sweating is due to the deduction of hair which makes people become more conscious of the existence of sweat. Actually the amount of sweat hasn’t increase so you do not have to worry. Folliculitis is a skin disorder like pimples in the pores. It is an inflammation which bacteria enters the pores during hair removal. By the way this also happens with self-treatment. Although it occurs rarely, please see a doctor as soon as possible if the case is serious. Some hair removal salons are affiliated with medical institutions. It is safe to choose salons that can give you medical supports.

After care for armpit hair removal

Both self-treatment or hair removal in outlet may lead to sensitive skin. After self-treatment, cool down your skin and moisture your skin with lotion. It will be the best to use low irritated lotion which do not include stimulants such as alcohol or menthol. Avoid further skin care as your skin is in a sensitive condition. In the case of having IPL hair removal in a salon, most of the outlet will provide cool down and moisture care. The lotion and gel used for moisturizing contains beauty ingredients which you can have both skin care and moisturizing at the same time. In the other words, IPL hair removal salon is a desirable choice if you aim to have hairless, smooth and pretty skin.

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