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Recommendation for hair removal beginners.
Guidance of Armpit hair removal

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The skin of armpits is sensitive and delicate. Self-treatment may lead the skin troubles and rough skin. To avoid skin troubles, I would recommend having IPL hair removal in a salon. IPL can remove unwanted hair without damaging your skin and armpits is a part where you can see visible result very soon. Armpit hair removal is recommended to hair removal beginners.

Armpit hair removal for the first time! What kind of clothes shall I go with?

When having IPL treatment, usually the salon will provide you with a gown or a camisole. Therefore, there is no restriction on clothing. You only need to change your tops when having armpit hair removal, so it will be easy for you to wear tops and bottoms instead of dress. Also, clothes with sleeves is recommended. After hair removal, the skin can easily dry out and will become more sensitive and easily damaged by UV. To avoid skin troubles such as rough skin and pigmentation, avoid exposing to the sun after hair removal.

Is it necessary to shave my armpits before going to the salon for the first time?

When having IPL hair removal treatment, there is one thing you must do in advance – to shave your unwanted hair. You may get burnt easily is receiving IPL treatment without shaving your unwanted hair. Use an electronic shaver to shave yourself on the day before your IPL hair removal treatment. If you forgot to do so, the salon may ask for additional shaving fee or refuse to provide you the hair removal treatment. Most of the salons will end up your first reservation with consultation. Therefore, you do not need to shave your armpits for the first time. However, if you would like to have a patch test, shaving is needed in advance. Different salons will have different flows after your hair removal consultation, please check with the staff when you make your first appointment.

Armpit hair removal for the first time! Is it painful?

Most of the people may concern that whether IPL hair removal is painful or not. IPL hair removal technology reduces pain considerably compared to other methods. Armpit is said to be a part where you will feel pain when having hair removal as the armpit hair is thick and the skin is sensitive. Generally, when having IPL hair removal, you may experience some pain like being rubbed by a rubber band. The amount of pain differs from person to person, but even if the pain comes out strongly, it will not be unbearable like needle hair removal. Furthermore, the pain of IPL can be reduced by simply taking some measures such as avoid having hair removal treatment when skin condition is bad. For example, when you are sick or before menstruation. Moisture your skin thoroughly to prevent drying out. By taking the actions mentioned above, the pain can be reduced. Be well prepared and you will discover that hair removal is not that horrible.

Troubleshooting with aftercare! Simply armpit care at home

IPL hair removal is said to be relatively gentle on your skin. It is possible to have hair removal on parts with more sensitive skin such as armpits. However, IPL hair removal works on the principle that light energy heated up the hair and damaged the follicle, it may have the risk that your skin will be damaged by the heat. After hair removal, your skin may become more sensitive. To prevent skin troubles, you are recommended to moisture your skin thoroughly. Salon will provide you skin care after hair removal, but it is not enough. Avoid any strenuous exercise that causes you to sweat profusely and use moisturizing cream or other products to maintain moistness from the day after the treatment. This helps to further reduce discomfort and pain felt during hair removal. If redness remains, cool down your skin with a cold towel. This may help controlling inflammation and speed up your skin recovery.

I would like to go to a reliable salon for armpit hair removal.
Tips for choosing a good hair removal salon.

You can see visible hair removal result at your armpits very soon. It is recommended to hair removal beginners. As armpit hair removal is suitable for hair removal beginners, salons will usually have campaign for new. In fact, there are many people choosing armpits for their first-time hair removal. Most of the hair removal beginners may worry about how to choose a hair removal salon. Here we will introduce some tips on salon selection. First, choose a salon with friendly staff and detailed, considerate services. Well trained staff can help reducing the risk of skin troubles. Furthermore, choose a salon without pushy approach. Let's choose a salon that allows you to feel relaxed and calm.

Self-treatment is unnecessary and stress free!
Hair removal salon is highly recommended.

The unwanted armpit hair is thick and eye-catching. If you frequently shave your armpit, it may cause skin troubles such as darkening. To have hairless and smooth armpits, self-treatment is not recommended. IPL hair removal can give you hairless and smooth skin without damaging you skin which for sure you will have more confidence than before.

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