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The Steps of Hair Removal in Ginza Calla

How is Treatment Process?

Check below 7steps.

  1. STEP1

    Arrive at Reception
    Come to the salon on the day of your appointment. You will be warmly welcomed.
  2. STEP2

    Our extremely knowledgeable staff will guide you through an explanation of the hair removal process, examine the current condition of your skin and propose a reasonable and effective solution.
  3. STEP3

    Change Clothes
    After changing into a bathrobe that will be more convenient for the treatment, you will proceed to a private room.
  4. STEP4

    Spread Cooling Gel
    A cooling gel will be applied.
  5. STEP5

    Light Exposure
    As the exposed area is large, hair removal is performed in a short space of time.
  6. STEP6

    Apply of Special Beauty Lotion
    Moisturizing care with our special “Bihada-Junbi” lotion. After cooling the skin, a beauty lotion with soothing, moisturizing and astringent properties is applied, improving the state of your skin.
  7. STEP7

    Treatment Completed
    In response to the state of the area from which hair has been removed, it is recommended that you set up your next appointment with further consultation once each treatment has been completed.

About Hair Removal Moisturizing Care
with “Bihada-Junbi” Lotion

What is “Bihada-Junbi”

Hair removal is performed after moisturizing the skin to reduce the burden placed on it.
The lotion also contains beauty essences such as collagen and hyaluronic, giving it beautification properties as well as moisturizing ones. It helps your skin cool down after receiving the treatment, prevents redness or feeling too hot, and helps to avoid any skin trouble.

“Bihada-Junbi” Lotion and Mist Shower

An original beauty lotion that heights beautification and hair removal effects. Smooth to apply, it brings moisture to the skin.

The beauty lotion containing six types of beauty essence, including hyaluronic acid, collagen and natural herbs, is applied as a mist from a high pressure moisturizing machine. This cools down the skin after the treatment and provides moisture, preventing skin troubles and keeping it healthy in order to realize skin like a newborn.


If you’re aiming for truly perfect skin, moisturizing is a vital part of the hair removal process. With Ginza Calla’s focus on customer satisfaction, we provide skin care along with our hair removal. Unlike other hair removal salons, Ginza Calla offers out own uniquely development moisturizing care lotion called “Bihada-Junbi,” bringing real beautification to your skin.

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