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Our Removal Services

Ginza Calla offers four general types of hair removal services. We will explain them in a way that’s easy to understand even if it’s your first time, and you can select the best choice for you depending on the areas you’re looking to treat. Let’s try to do permanent hair removal at Ginza Calla in Singapore.

Facial Hair Removal

In facial hair removal, we apply IPL to the entire face except for the upper lip. Even women have fine, soft hair on their cheeks, and many are concerned about unwanted hair between the eyebrows. Many take care of these on their own.

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Public Hair Removal

Racy bathing suits and sexy dresses are all the rage. Whether you wear them or not, it’s always good to keep the hair in your bikini area well-managed.

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Under Arm Hair Removal

Under arm hair removal is the most popular hair removal treatment.
If you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt and hold onto a hand grip on the train, for example, you want to be sure that everything is in order.

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Leg Hair Removal

For women who often wear shorts or miniskirts, leg hair removal is practically a requirement. Rough skin and sloppy hair removal can be especially visible here.

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Customer’s Comments

Listen to comments made by real customers who have undergone hair removal at Ginza Calla.

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We answer some frequently asked questions about hair removal and payment.

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About Ginza Calla

View more detailed information about Ginza Calla.

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Finding Salons

View information on Ginza Calla salons in Singapore.

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