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Leg Hair Removal

For women who often wear shorts or miniskirts, leg hair removal is practically a requirement. Rough skin and sloppy hair removal can be especially visible here.

Many people handle things on their own with razors or wax, but in some cases the hair grows thicker over time. Not only that, new hair grows back relatively quickly, in two or three days. Even if it’s not very visible, you can easily tell by running your hand along your leg.

Darkened pores are another potential result, and the dark spots can be even more conspicuous if you have fair skin. If you neglect to moisturize properly, the skin can dry out and develop roughness.

To avoid these issues, we recommend hair removal at a salon.

Ginza Calla’s leg hair removal applies light to the overall area including the top of the kneecap to the groin, the kneecap, below the knee to the ankle, and from the ankle to the toes. The IPL is applied to a wide area, resulting in shorter treatment time compared to standard hair removal.

In addition, our aftercare services following the treatment will help you maintain your beautiful legs. Please come visit us at our salon!

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