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Pubic Hair Removal

Racy bathing suits and sexy dresses are all the rage. Whether you wear them or not, it’s always good to keep the hair in your bikini area well-managed.

Every year, we have more women visiting us for bikini hair removal. It’s an especially difficult area to handle on your own, so hair removal in a salon is the best option. There are cases of the hair becoming uneven due to rubbing against underwear, or skin darkening as a result of taking care of things at home.

With Ginza Calla’s brazilian IPL, we apply light to the area 2 cm below the top of the genital area, along the sides of the bikini line, along the groin (except for mucosal areas) and around the anus.

In most cases we trim the hair in a natural shape, but depending on the customer’s preference we can trim it into a triangular or rectangular shape as well.

Some are afraid that bikini hair removal will be a little embarrassing, but for your esthetician, it is just as ordinary as underarm or arm treatment. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about it.

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