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Under Arm(Armpit) Hair Removal

Under arm hair removal is the most popular hair removal treatment.

If you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt and hold onto a hand grip on the train, for example, you want to be sure that everything is in order.

It’s easy to spot unwanted hair, so many people try to remove it on their own. But darkened skin or any hair you’ve missed can be very conspicuous.

Also, under arm perspiration can combine with unwanted hair to cause odors. For these reasons, professional removal at a salon is recommended.

At Ginza Calla, we apply light to the entire under arm area. There is little pain with IPL hair removal, and since the area isn’t large it takes about ten minutes to cover both under arms.

After treatment, you have the option of adding a high-pressure spray of six different kinds of beauty nutrients using a moisturizing machine. The moisturizing effect helps you enjoy dewy, healthy skin.

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